Due to the recent storms where I’m located, updates to the upcoming plugins and current ones have been delayed. Currently I reset all the updates to the 30th.We had 80mph straight line winds, some people reported 100mph, rain totals from 14 to 20 inches in 24 hours from two storms. It was coming down so hard I couldn’t see no more then 10 feet at most when the storm was at its peak. Power of course went out along with internet. So work got delayed. When the storm ended at 4:30AM it was like another place, a lot of the neighbors trees as well as ours were down. Lucky everyone was okay. Since then I was cutting up not only our trees put our neighbors as well. We had 4 spruce trees 30 years old taken down like twigs, Which I never thought I would see go while I was here. Funny thing about the whole deal was all the trees I wanted gone or I thought would have gone didn’t. All the ones I knew where healthy and I wanted them to stay, pretty much are gone at this point. Not much structural damage in town, few homes but not many. Honestly were really lucky.

The new WordPress WePay API is released and now available through the WordPress Plugin Directory. That plugin is extremely powerful and can do all the API calls to WePay from simple WordPress shortcodes. Meaning no writing code. I also included an IPN that can be customized to update the database. For more information see the WordPress WePay API Plugin.

I will be working as much as I can to get these updates and new plugins out asap.


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