After a long 3 days the server is finally up. Technically. I’m still moving sites but I’m getting there.

** Update **

Sorry for the delay but its been crazy on my end with work and everything else. The server went down because of my old hosting provider too 3 days just to get them to install a new hard drive! Then I found out the raid card failed, so I requested that to be replaced. They said it would take 2 more days! Not because they didn’t have it, but because they were busy working on other servers and couldn’t get to mine. I offered to pay them more to get to mine right away and they said they couldn’t. After that I decided it was time to move to a new provider.

I have always use dedicated servers because of the options and performance you get with them. This time around I went with cloud hosting. I did my research and the provider I selected was RackSpace.

For a few major reasons:

1. Support

2. Scalability

3. Price

With RackSpace support is the number 1 selling point. They are amazing at support and they handle support problems properly. You can scale out with in minutes with RackSpace and add more servers or a load balancer. Plus with the lowest server costing roughly $16/mo you cannot go wrong.

So far the performance of this new server is amazing and if I need more power I just press a button and I have more CPU power, more memory, and hard drive space. Just like that!

After the headache of the old server, I will say that there was good that came of this mess!


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