Just posted the SimplyCaptcha WordPress Plugin, Click here to see it. Really simple to install. Drag and drop, like most WP plugins. Once installed you will need a key and your URL to start using the SimplyCaptcha system. In the next hour or so I will post the new SimplyCaptcha website which will allow you to register your site and get your key.

I made SimplyCaptcha because I was sick of all the other captcha systems. SimplyCaptcha solves the number one issue with Captchas, they don’t convert. I have worked with clients where they would loose 30% to 40% of they’re customers because the customer couldn’t read the captcha. So I went with a simple format for the captcha system. I use simple questions anyone can answer, instead of the image based systems.

Now, I know the question based versions have been done. The thing is, they are just question based. SimplyCaptcha is not. SimplyCaptcha has multiple spam monitoring features and blocking capabilities.

Two of the biggest are the bot and IP monitoring features. As queries are made to SimplyCaptcha, the input is monitored, including the user agent and IP address. If they’re are too many attempts at a form, the IP is blocked. If the same user agent is constantly showing up on other sites, its blocked. When an IP or Bot is blocked, they cannot submit the form at all.

Let me know what you all think. I have some additional plans to add more layers of security and I’ll be rolling out another layer in a few weeks. So far since I have built SimplyCaptcha, I have seen 100% spam blocked. On all the sites I run, Including client sites.

So after some emails and friends letting me know their is a “t” in captcha, I thought I should change the name. I knew there is suppose to be a “t” but I thought the misspelling made it easier to remember. Never the less I changed the name to SimplyCaptcha.


Other News

SimplyCaptcha so far is blocking 100% of all spam comments on all websites using SimplyCaptcha right now! Some new security features will roll out this weekend that will make SimplyCaptcha even stronger!

SimpleCapcha is now live. Still in beta testing to a select few. Very simple to setup and use. There will be a WordPress SimpleCapcha Plugin in the near future among other things!

Its great because now I can get rid of the 50+ comments I get a day of spam! And Ill get a chance to see if their spam bot can break the capcha!


I have been really busy so for all of you waiting for me to respond you should get a email or comment shortly.

WePay News

There will be updates this week. I have a handle full of updates to all the plugins. As soon as they post I will post on here. There are also 2 new plugins posting. I will probably post them this weekend since I am currently wrapped up in code right now on other projects.


So I get slammed with spam all the time. I have tired all sorts of different capcha systems and plugins. I built a simple one a while back ago that works great! So I thought why not make a service for Simple Capcha and make a WordPress Plugin for it. And then Simple Capcha was born. The site will be up and running shortly and hopefully the plugin will be out in the next week. The features that Simple Capcha offers is full control of the look of your forms, or using a pre built capcha form. Its handled with JSON and POST calls to the server. All that is needed is your website address. The website address is needed to monitor usage. All accounts are free up to 5,000 requests a day for all websites under that account. You can register as many websites as you want under one account. Pretty sweet little system and it works flawlessly.

Expect to see a lot of posts this week.