For anyone looking for a method to know that a user has completed payment from the iframe checkout without supplying the redirect_uri var, here is your method.

The WePay Iframe sends a PostMessage back to the parent window during the transaction. The message sent when the payment is completed is:

{ “wepay_message_type”:”iframe_checkout_complete”, “checkout_id”:”CHECKOUT_ID” }

Now there are many ways to handle this and the way I prefer is via Jquery. How I did this is using the plugin from Ben Alman. He has built a PostMessage plugin for jquery.

On the parent page make sure you have the plugin from Ben Alman and the lastest version of jquery.

Here is the script I came up with:

$.receiveMessage(function(e) {
if ("iframe_checkout_complete") > 1)  {
alert("Payment Processed");

There are many other ways to do this but I like this method. Simple and short. Easy to work with. When the customer processed the payment and gets to the order total page it will post a message saying “Payment Processed.”

So I ran into this recently. Basically jquery plugin Validation doesn’t work in IE8. I found other issues with this problem and they even had problems with IE7. In my case it was just IE8. So I searched the net and found this site. Which basically said if I used the mini version of validation, it would work. And guess what? IT DID! Yea! For those of you having this problem just use the minified version and that should get you up and running.