I have been really busy so for all of you waiting for me to respond you should get a email or comment shortly.

WePay News

There will be updates this week. I have a handle full of updates to all the plugins. As soon as they post I will post on here. There are also 2 new plugins posting. I will probably post them this weekend since I am currently wrapped up in code right now on other projects.


So I get slammed with spam all the time. I have tired all sorts of different capcha systems and plugins. I built a simple one a while back ago that works great! So I thought why not make a service for Simple Capcha and make a WordPress Plugin for it. And then Simple Capcha was born. The site will be up and running shortly and hopefully the plugin will be out in the next week. The features that Simple Capcha offers is full control of the look of your forms, or using a pre built capcha form. Its handled with JSON and POST calls to the server. All that is needed is your website address. The website address is needed to monitor usage. All accounts are free up to 5,000 requests a day for all websites under that account. You can register as many websites as you want under one account. Pretty sweet little system and it works flawlessly.

Expect to see a lot of posts this week.

I had an epiphany this morning, and realized it was time to release this project.

What is project DOM?

To explain it, I have to explain its existence. In today’s world, there are issues all over.The world has always been like this, but never at such a prevalent level in my opinion. The world is ever changing, we as a human race should be able to control its path as best we can. In the U.S they say, “Voice your opinion by voting for….” who ever is running for president, senator, city mayor, whatever it may be. Voting some one in a political position doesn’t necessarily give you a voice. I would say its an easier way in some cases to snuff out others voices. Which has happened in this country. I’m not saying our politicians are bad people, I’m saying our system is doesn’t work.

In other countries the people don’t have a voice because their country snuffs out their voice. Its time this ends. Forever. Around the world life is treated of no value, of no meaning. Life should not be treated lightly, every life should be cherished just like every opinion and thought should be listened to.

Its time we as a people voice our opinions in a global form, in a method that is clean, organized, and to the point. To let the people in power, know where we really stand as a people.

Last notes

I leave you with this. I built this to change the world. Period. And I undoubtedly know it will.  If I crash and burn so be it but I know it won’t. I have been working on it for months and it is  finished. I was waiting for just that right time. I came to the conclusion that there is no right time, the right time is now. I have a few things I need to do before I push it live.

What you need to know is this:

Our release date is 12/1/11. Release date was pushed back for further development.

It will change the internet and the world as we know it.

I will post updates on my blog alanpinnt.com

Currently wrapping up the long awaited website for Smartie Computers and its division sites. Among that I have be working a few new ideas that should be out soon.

Working on a social network site (I know what your thinking, “Another one?” Trust me we need it.) Which should be out this week.

I also have an open source project starting this week that I will be releasing this week under Smartie Development. It will be under the GPL license and posted on Sourceforge.

Last but certainly not least I have started development a few weeks ago on a website for an up and coming entrepreneur! More details on this project and what it consists of in the coming weeks.

After finally getting rid of the cold from hell, which seemed never ending. I’m back to Things doing mass coding weekends (A.K.A. new non-stop development weekends), which are a great source for me to get my mind working. Some of my best ideas have come during these weekends. Of course being wholesale nfl jerseys that most of these things I’m developing are hopefully the next big thing for cheap nba jerseys that industry, wholesale jerseys I can’t talk about what I am up to in great detail.

I will update later this What week with some iPhone news of what I have developed, whats new and some of the great new things at Smartie Computers. More then Facebook likely, I will post some stuff on Events Smartie Computers blog, Facebook, Twitter, all wholesale mlb jerseys that fun stuff. Stay tuned folks!

Oh, I am posting a ton of new stuff on Smartie Computers blog, new tutorials, help cheap mlb jerseys docs, how to videos, all sorts of Latin goodies! I will also be posting on youtube the how to videos.