I have officially released the 2.3 version of the SimplyCaptcha Plugin on WordPress. I have emailed a new version to everyone currently testing SimplyCaptcha. Others who did not get it, can download it directly from WordPress. I have seen great success with SimplyCaptcha, it is working very well. I have only seen a few reports of spam getting through. I have made adjustments and I’m very close to going live with this soon. It’s taking longer than expected but it needed time to be tested and improved more.

Thank you all for your patience, the live version will be out soon.

Currently testing the new version of SimplyCaptcha on some websites to see how it responds to users and spammers. I will be posting the new plugin to WordPress Plugins directory shortly. I can honestly say this is blocking spam at an amazing rate. There is a bit of tuning yet, it is blocking very well!

For the release of 2.0 and the new website I will be offering 500 Free accounts, which will have full access to 2.0 SimplyCaptcha without spending a dime. I will have a sign up link posted soon, or comment on this post and I’ll add you to the list.

I will be releasing soon Version 2.0 of SimplyCaptcha. This project started out as a hobby project for fun and after many friends saying I need to open this up to the public, I decided it’s time. With version 2.0 there are a lot of new features that block spam flawlessly. I have been buying spam tools to try and break this new version and I have been unable. I plan on making SimplyCaptcha the standard for preventing spam on your WordPress site.

I won’t go into complete details as to how it works as a means to not help the spammers find away around it all. (Which should be nearly impossible.)

-Content Filtering, Similar to Askimet but not as overzelous as I have seen during testing.

-Automatic IP blocking based on our spam monitoring system. There was one in v1.0 but this one surpasses that significantly.

-Request ID handler. This prevents the out sourcing of captcha solving to another user and submitting it back to the spammer.

-IP rotation block. If a spammer is using a system that changes their IP constantly it will block them.


Through testing I have blocked 99% of all spam and with a few more adjustments I will have blocked 100% with a filter success rate of 100%. I will post an update here once it’s up and running, plus simplycaptcha.com will be getting a facelift.


**** UPDATE **** 9/30/14 11:22PM – Do not use the current plugin in the WordPress directory. The API has changed for SimplyCaptcha and the old plugin will not work with the new API. I’ll update the plugin shortly.

After much thought I have decided I will no longer support or develop WePay Plugins. I have made this decision because I do not have the time and I can’t make the time to complete the updates.

I will also be ceasing development of all other plugins I have developed. I don’t have the time.

Things may change, but in the mean time this is where I am at.

Just posted the SimplyCaptcha WordPress Plugin, Click here to see it. Really simple to install. Drag and drop, like most WP plugins. Once installed you will need a key and your URL to start using the SimplyCaptcha system. In the next hour or so I will post the new SimplyCaptcha website which will allow you to register your site and get your key.

I made SimplyCaptcha because I was sick of all the other captcha systems. SimplyCaptcha solves the number one issue with Captchas, they don’t convert. I have worked with clients where they would loose 30% to 40% of they’re customers because the customer couldn’t read the captcha. So I went with a simple format for the captcha system. I use simple questions anyone can answer, instead of the image based systems.

Now, I know the question based versions have been done. The thing is, they are just question based. SimplyCaptcha is not. SimplyCaptcha has multiple spam monitoring features and blocking capabilities.

Two of the biggest are the bot and IP monitoring features. As queries are made to SimplyCaptcha, the input is monitored, including the user agent and IP address. If they’re are too many attempts at a form, the IP is blocked. If the same user agent is constantly showing up on other sites, its blocked. When an IP or Bot is blocked, they cannot submit the form at all.

Let me know what you all think. I have some additional plans to add more layers of security and I’ll be rolling out another layer in a few weeks. So far since I have built SimplyCaptcha, I have seen 100% spam blocked. On all the sites I run, Including client sites.