I run a multi monitor enviroment, and it defiantly helps with work. One of the other things I run is two dev servers for testing using VNC to control them. I use to run virtual servers but I like having them on dedicated hardware, that way I can shut off my main PC and access the dev servers at any time. Virtual machines have there place but it just didn’t for me.

The more I deal with the VNC, I wish I could just slide my mouse to the left and be on one of the dev servers. I searched assuming someone has built something like this, and I was right. First I wasn’t sure how to word it but I came accross this post:


Which lead me to Synergy!


This thing is awesome! Its exactly what I need and works flawlessly! I setup my main PC as the server, set the devs as clients and about 2 minutes later, I have a working setup. It’s a multi O/S environment, (Centos,Windows 8, and Ubuntu) and I had no issues installing and setting this up, very simple setup!

I got the free version but I will defiantly be sending a donation to this team! These guys did an amazing job! Thanks again!


I’m kind of playing catchup with posts. This is a post I wanted to make a few months back. I was going nuts because I have a 1gbps nic and a wifi N card running. Some downloads would slow down and I knew it was because the wifi nic was taking priority over the 1gbps nic. Since it has been awhile since I did it on my last machine, I found a post by techrena.net. See that post here: http://techrena.net/view-change-network-adapter-card-priority-binding-order-windows-7/

Its a repost but I thought I would help anyone else looking for it, thats the link to the info.

HTC had pegged “early next year” for the 7 Pro’s launch in Europe, and when you think about it, January is just about as “early” as you can get. O2’s boys and girls in Germany have thrown up a teaser page for the QWERTY-equipped Windows Phone 7 handset, saying it’s expected to be available next month — a promising sign, indeed. Granted, launch dates can always slip, but considering how desperately the world needs some more landscape QWERTY options for WP7.