OpenCart WePay Payment Extension

Tested to v1.5+ OpenCart

You will need API credentials from WePay. To get them go to:

****After much thought I have decided I will no longer support or develop WePay Plugins. I have made this decision because I do not have the time and I can’t make the time to complete the updates.****

Current Version [wepay-dev-plugin-version slug=”opencart”]

Download WePay OpenCart Plugin

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12/01/12 -v2.0 released

– Fixes the IPN issue

– Cleaned up code

07/10/12 -v1.0 released

6/25/12 -v0.7 BETA released

6/25/12 -v0.6 BETA released

6/24/12 -v0.5 BETA released



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