****I have ceased development of this plugin.****

This plugin gives you easy usage of SimplyCaptcha on your WordPress Site.

SimplyCaptcha is a powerful captcha system. It allows the user to submit simple question based captchas to the SimplyCaptcha server where its then verified if its the correct answer or not.

The biggest thing SimplyCaptcha has to offer is the bot and ip monitoring feature. As captchas are sent to the server the user agent and ip is monitored as the query is being handled. Too many queries and the ip gets blocked. User agent shows up on too many sites, and it gets blocked.When the IP or Bot gets blocked the captcha form is 100% completely disabled. No matter what they do, they will not be able to submit a comment, post, or whatever they are trying to do.

Additional security features are about to roll out in the next month which will bring another layer to spam protection. See www.simplycaptcha.com for more information.

Screenshots of IP/Bot Kick:


Click here to download: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/simply-captcha/

Goto: www.simplycaptcha.com to register your site and receive a key.

Set the key and your website url in the settings page, (SimplyCaptcha Settings) in your admin panel.

Once set SimplyCaptcha will start working and preventing spam!


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