After deciding whether I need a desktop or Laptop, and weighting out what makes most sense I decided to buy the ASUS G73JW-A1. I multitask like no other. I needed a machine with serious power and a decent amount of data storage. Plus if need be, I wanted it to be upgradeable. Since I’m always on the go, a desktop wouldn’t cut it. For the reasonable price of 1,799.99 from Micro Center, I went ahead and got one.

WOW! Its fast, with the 8GB of memory I feel like I can never max it out so far. I haven’t put it threw the full ringer just yet. Coming from a AMD fan, Intel knocked it out of the park with the i7 processor. This processor has no problem keeping up with my uncompressing files, editing php files, having 40 tabs open in Firefox, listening to music, and editing video. Yep, it keeps up! My one comment I have to make that I wish I could change is the hard drives. First when you get it, they partition both the drives into two partitions. Not totally sure why they did that. The one thing with the drives is, even though they are 7200RPM with all the other high performance goodies, it feels like the drives are always the one thing I’m waiting on. One thought is adding a SSD drive, and I might do that but Id like to wait till they are further tested. Blueray drive rocks, I have no complaints there.

Taking this apart is amazingly easy for how much stuff is packed inside. Its very well engineered, hands down best laptop I have ever touched in the engineered department. The one thing I can say, ASUS engineers are the gods of laptop cooling! WOW WOW WOW!!! I have never ever had a laptop with even 50% the kind of power and still be this cool. My last HP when idling wasn’t even half as cool as this laptop is when playing Call of Duty! Could all the manufactures design laptop cooling like this?

The design is something that hasn’t been seen before. I like it! I will say I wish it was about 1 inch smaller in width, so it could fit in my old laptop bag. Ill have to find a new bag I guess. The backpack that is given with the laptop is pretty cool but it doesn’t clash well showing up at a corporate meeting with a backpack. Minor issue. Besides all that, the design is a 10 out of 10! Back lit Keyboard, was the best design feature they added. Every laptop should have a back lit keyboard. Must comment, The way the chassis is angled makes it so nice to type on it. With all other laptops it rubs into my arms and feels like its cuts off circulation to my hands. Seriously, another feature that all laptops should have, an angled front lip. Also the material the laptop is made of rocks, doesn’t appear to scratch (Haven’t tried hard to make that happen), doesn’t show finger prints, and just feels good!

This is a double edge sword. Keeping in mind this laptop has a 17.3″ screen, i7 core processor, 8gb of memory, two 500GB 7200PRM HDs, that’s a lot to power. With that said the battery lasts about 50 Minutes on a charge. I really didn’t expect more then an hour myself. Only way to get more time is a bigger battery and I don’t think it would make sense to put in a bigger battery. One, it would make the entire laptop weigh more which I don’t think end users would like. Two, it would be come odd shaped which again end users wouldn’t like. I’m plugged in about 90% of the the time. Occasionally, I’m cordless but 50 minutes should cover me.

Screen & Graphics
Rocks, I have zero issues with it. That is all I can really say. Graphics, WOW! 460 Nvidia packed inside this laptop is impressive. When Playing Call of Duty Black Ops, it plays full 1080, graphics turned all the way up. Its awesome!

Now, I would normally not dedicated a section to the touchpad but this needs mentioning. First off the the touchpad is huge, which rocks! Bad news, some of the software that runs the touchpad doesn’t run properly I believe. Some people have mentioned lag from the touchpad, which I too noticed. Some said to remove the synaptics driver from add/remove programs. Tried that, it stopped the lag but then my mouse didn’t move fast enough. Tired to adjust it but it wasn’t fast enough for me. I decided to reinstall the driver again, worked flawlessly. It brought back the touchpad lag again. This time I decided to go into the synaptics mouse settings and disable things like pinch to zoom, and scrolling on the touch pad. Restarted the computer, and it was fixed. So if your having touchpad lag issues with the ASUS G73JW-A1, then post a comment and Ill email you with the instructions on how I did it. If I get enough requests, Ill post it on the blog here.

Great laptop, My best yet! I’m not a huge gamer but I like it that I can play when I want without any issues. Nice size, comfortable to walk with. Comfortable typing on the couch or on the desk. Its all an all a great laptop for someone that needs a high performance laptop, who could care less about the battery as long as they get at least 30 minutes of battery. All and all, I would recommend anyone who uses there computer all the time and needs performance.