I have officially released the 2.3 version of the SimplyCaptcha Plugin on WordPress. I have emailed a new version to everyone currently testing SimplyCaptcha. Others who did not get it, can download it directly from WordPress. I have seen great success with SimplyCaptcha, it is working very well. I have only seen a few reports of spam getting through. I have made adjustments and I’m very close to going live with this soon. It’s taking longer than expected but it needed time to be tested and improved more.

Thank you all for your patience, the live version will be out soon.

I haven’t posted on here in a long time. I’m gonna force myself to make a post a week. It will be about anything from tech news, code issues, server problems, marketing tips, you name it.

I have been busy as I always am. I have a new project I’ll post more about shortly. I’m pretty exited about it, can’t wait to show it off but I need a little bit more time.



Just a real quick post. There will be an update this week before the WePay API update cut off. This will patch all the plugins.

I will also release the new WordPress WePay plugin. It’s is basically a complete rewrite. So before Friday, there will be updates galore!

As some of you may know WePay has announced they will be getting rid of the widgets and buttons they offer. Since the email went out last week I have been getting many emails regarding this. In response to so many people I have decided it is best to build out some tools to fulfill this missing piece for many of you.

I cannot give an exact time but I should have it done in the next month or so. The plan at the moment is to provide a button system for the WP plugin and the some sort of basic button builder on my blog. Plans may change, for now it should help many of you and support your endeavors.

Please feel free to comment on this, send ideas, and or requests.

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US! I will be updating all the plugins I have built. Its been a long time coming and many fixes are coming.

Quick run down:

WePay WordPress Plugin: I will stop development of the API plugin and integrate it into this one. The WordPress plugin is going to be one large plugin instead of more then 1. I will also clean up the code a bit and throw in some documentation. And I will be getting rid of all the menu tabs and moving the WePay settings to the settings tab.

OsCommerce/ZenCart WePay Plugin: I will be cleaning up the code, fixing an issue with discount codes, and updating the sdk.

OpenCart WePay Plugin: Will be updating the sdk, cleaning up code.

Magento WePay Plugin: I will be releasing this free of charge in December.

WP Thumbs: I will be updating that a little bit. Setting it up so you can clear stats. Better control of placement, pages, posts, etc.

SimplyCaptcha: I will be updating the site, adding a registration form to get access to keys, and adding many more questions.


I will not say a specific time but it is coming soon. I’m looking at releasing some new WP plugins and I have some thoughts on a few OsCommerce plugins.


After a long 3 days the server is finally up. Technically. I’m still moving sites but I’m getting there.

** Update **

Sorry for the delay but its been crazy on my end with work and everything else. The server went down because of my old hosting provider too 3 days just to get them to install a new hard drive! Then I found out the raid card failed, so I requested that to be replaced. They said it would take 2 more days! Not because they didn’t have it, but because they were busy working on other servers and couldn’t get to mine. I offered to pay them more to get to mine right away and they said they couldn’t. After that I decided it was time to move to a new provider.

I have always use dedicated servers because of the options and performance you get with them. This time around I went with cloud hosting. I did my research and the provider I selected was RackSpace.

For a few major reasons:

1. Support

2. Scalability

3. Price

With RackSpace support is the number 1 selling point. They are amazing at support and they handle support problems properly. You can scale out with in minutes with RackSpace and add more servers or a load balancer. Plus with the lowest server costing roughly $16/mo you cannot go wrong.

So far the performance of this new server is amazing and if I need more power I just press a button and I have more CPU power, more memory, and hard drive space. Just like that!

After the headache of the old server, I will say that there was good that came of this mess!


Here is the word, WePay API is advancing and becoming more powerful then I have seen from many other API’s. Deploying plugins like I have built will become much easier in the near future. I’m extremely glad to say as a user of WePay, things will only get better!

Magento WePay Plugin
Yep, I have announced development of it. The exact date it will roll out is questionable at the moment. The current date I have set for it is July 12th, 2012. That date may change, and it more then likely will roll out sooner.

WordPress WePay Plugin 2.0
The long awaiting update only gets pushed back further. Sorry! More features and bug fixes have delayed release. I know the 30th was the planned date but now its probably closer to July 5th.

OpenCart WePay Beta to v1.0???
Its about to go to v1.0. Working with users right now to get it there. I know of at least 5 sites running in production mode under BETA 0.7, with about 15 more under staging mode in that same release. If your running 0.5 or 0.6 update asap, as there are issues with 0.5 and 0.6. I know a few of you have had issues getting it going and I’m working on setting up a couple tutorials. They should post right after this.

WordPress WePay Add-ons
If you liked the WordPress WePay API Plugin then you will love the up coming add on plugins. To mention a few the affiliate plugin, which uses tools like aweber, constant contact, and others to make the affiliate marketers lives better. S2 Member add on plugin is another in the works and should be pretty sweet when its done. The WordPress WePay API Plugin will be getting another update in the coming days. I have some additions and changes I want to make to improve the overall experience.

(Quick plug thanks to Thomas Butler and Tim Davis for the recommendations. Thomas not only introduced me to WePay and started this plugin building fest but he also gave me the ideas for the API plugin as well as the soon to release affiliate marketers plugin. Tim Davis intially sparked the idea of an affiliate marketer plugin, Thomas helped fill in the details. So thank you to both of you! As for the others sending ideas thank you!)

Beyond the tutorials I will throw up a few other posts on how to customize and other things related to WePay. Also all plugins pages will be getting a much needed FAQ thanks to the WP Super FAQ plugin. If you want to see faster updates and more features please donate.

I highly recommend all potential users of my plugins to read WePay’s TOS. We recently had someone try to sell guns and ammo with a plugin and found out they couldn’t after they spent all that time with integration of WePay. So check it out before you add your plugin. https://www.wepay.com/about/terms Future plugin updates will have the TOS in the read me.