I will be releasing soon Version 2.0 of SimplyCaptcha. This project started out as a hobby project for fun and after many friends saying I need to open this up to the public, I decided it’s time. With version 2.0 there are a lot of new features that block spam flawlessly. I have been buying spam tools to try and break this new version and I have been unable. I plan on making SimplyCaptcha the standard for preventing spam on your WordPress site.

I won’t go into complete details as to how it works as a means to not help the spammers find away around it all. (Which should be nearly impossible.)

-Content Filtering, Similar to Askimet but not as overzelous as I have seen during testing.

-Automatic IP blocking based on our spam monitoring system. There was one in v1.0 but this one surpasses that significantly.

-Request ID handler. This prevents the out sourcing of captcha solving to another user and submitting it back to the spammer.

-IP rotation block. If a spammer is using a system that changes their IP constantly it will block them.


Through testing I have blocked 99% of all spam and with a few more adjustments I will have blocked 100% with a filter success rate of 100%. I will post an update here once it’s up and running, plus simplycaptcha.com will be getting a facelift.


**** UPDATE **** 9/30/14 11:22PM – Do not use the current plugin in the WordPress directory. The API has changed for SimplyCaptcha and the old plugin will not work with the new API. I’ll update the plugin shortly.

I haven’t posted on here in a long time. I’m gonna force myself to make a post a week. It will be about anything from tech news, code issues, server problems, marketing tips, you name it.

I have been busy as I always am. I have a new project I’ll post more about shortly. I’m pretty exited about it, can’t wait to show it off but I need a little bit more time.