Here is the word, WePay API is advancing and becoming more powerful then I have seen from many other API’s. Deploying plugins like I have built will become much easier in the near future. I’m extremely glad to say as a user of WePay, things will only get better!

Magento WePay Plugin
Yep, I have announced development of it. The exact date it will roll out is questionable at the moment. The current date I have set for it is July 12th, 2012. That date may change, and it more then likely will roll out sooner.

WordPress WePay Plugin 2.0
The long awaiting update only gets pushed back further. Sorry! More features and bug fixes have delayed release. I know the 30th was the planned date but now its probably closer to July 5th.

OpenCart WePay Beta to v1.0???
Its about to go to v1.0. Working with users right now to get it there. I know of at least 5 sites running in production mode under BETA 0.7, with about 15 more under staging mode in that same release. If your running 0.5 or 0.6 update asap, as there are issues with 0.5 and 0.6. I know a few of you have had issues getting it going and I’m working on setting up a couple tutorials. They should post right after this.

WordPress WePay Add-ons
If you liked the WordPress WePay API Plugin then you will love the up coming add on plugins. To mention a few the affiliate plugin, which uses tools like aweber, constant contact, and others to make the affiliate marketers lives better. S2 Member add on plugin is another in the works and should be pretty sweet when its done. The WordPress WePay API Plugin will be getting another update in the coming days. I have some additions and changes I want to make to improve the overall experience.

(Quick plug thanks to Thomas Butler and Tim Davis for the recommendations. Thomas not only introduced me to WePay and started this plugin building fest but he also gave me the ideas for the API plugin as well as the soon to release affiliate marketers plugin. Tim Davis intially sparked the idea of an affiliate marketer plugin, Thomas helped fill in the details. So thank you to both of you! As for the others sending ideas thank you!)

Beyond the tutorials I will throw up a few other posts on how to customize and other things related to WePay. Also all plugins pages will be getting a much needed FAQ thanks to the WP Super FAQ plugin. If you want to see faster updates and more features please donate.

I highly recommend all potential users of my plugins to read WePay’s TOS. We recently had someone try to sell guns and ammo with a plugin and found out they couldn’t after they spent all that time with integration of WePay. So check it out before you add your plugin. Future plugin updates will have the TOS in the read me.

Alright to get the WordPress Wepay Plugin working you will need API Access to Wepay. I decided to split this tutorial into part 1 and Part 2, Part 1 is how to get your API information and account id. Part 2 is the setup of the plugin. I’m only going into production mode. I don’t see the need to test it since the plugin has been tested. Also your plugin will not work till Wepay activates your API, if its pending, you will not be able to process transactions.

Lets get started.


Part 1. Getting your API information

1. First you will need to goto That is the production site, which means you can start collecting money today.

2. Once you register you will need to go to the developer section again, click on “Your Apps”

3. Click on “Create an application”, fill out all the fields, and hit submit.

4. You now have registered a app with wepay, which will give you your client secret, access token.

5 . You will now need to create an account you want your money to go into. Click on the “Home” link at the top of the screen. This will bring you to your account home page. You can ether use an account you have created or create a new one. In this case I will use one I already have, so click on the one you want to use.

Once you have clicked on it, in the address bar on your browser will tell you your account number.


Copy that number you have in your browser, you will need it later.


Part 2. Setting up the Plugin

1. Copy the folder “wepay-wordpress-plugin” into the plugin directory on your wordpress site.

2. Login and activate the WordPress Wepay Plugin

3. Once activated, you will see a new tab on your sidebar in the admin. Goto Wepay Manager > Wepay Settings

4. Set the follow:

  • Production mode to Production
  • Fill in your account ID, client id, client secret, and access token.
  • Thank you page – this has to be the direct link to the page you want your end users to see after the transaction has been completed. (i.e.

Hit “Save Changes”

5. Now your hooked up to Wepay. Go to “Wepay Manager > Wepay Manager”

6. Read the information on how to use the short codes.

[wepay text="Buy Now" amount="1.00" sdesc="testing" css="buttoncss" feepayer="Payee"]

-With the short code we call on “wepay” as the short code itself.
“Text” is the value or what you want the button to say.
“amount” is amount you want to charge.
“sdesc” a short description of what you want to sell or the payee is donating for.
“css” is the css property you want to call on, otherwise if you do not it will just look like a link.
“feepayer” specifies who is going to pay for the fees for this transaction, you (Payee) or the purchaser (Payer). You must use “Payee” or “Payer”, anything else and it will not work.

7. Take your new short code and paste it on the page or post you want it on. Update the post or page and you should now have a Wepay Payment Button.


If you have any questions, post a comment.