Just posted the updated files to the following WePay Plugins:

WePay Checkout 2.2 OsCommerce


WePay Tokenized Checkout 1.1 Oscommerce


WePay Checkout 2.2 Zen Cart


All plugins have received the latest version of the WePay PHP SDK. The code was also slightly cleaned up in the WePay Checkout 2.2 Plugin for OsCommerce.

Its official, version 1.0 for both OsCommerce and Zen-Cart have been released. Both are designed to drag and drop right into the web installation. All you need is your API information and account ID.

You can download the OsCommerce version here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8408

The Zen-Cart version is currently unavailable until they approve it from the add-ons site. For now you can download it from here directly. Download Zen-Cart Wepay Plugin