This Plugin is an addon to the WordPress Wepay Plugin. You have to have that installed and configured for this plugin to work. With this plugin you can make direct API requests using short codes. With this method your not limited to just buttons or invoices. This new plugin is not for a novice user. You should understand the calls you are making and what to expect to get back. This plugin allows you to make calls without writing any php code, just very simple short codes.

There is an IPN included but it will not do anything unless you configure it for your application. Its will accept calls coming in but it will do nothing with them till you add the code to update something in your database. The file is “wepayipn.php”


Current Version [wepay-dev-plugin-version slug=”wordpressapi”]

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9/28/12 – 1.2 released

1.1 released



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