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ZenCart WePay Plugin

Allows you to use a Wepay account to accept payments easily online thru your ZenCart installation.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or contact me.

****After much thought I have decided I will no longer support or develop WePay Plugins. I have made this decision because I do not have the time and I can’t make the time to complete the updates.****

Current Version

Here is a direct link to download it, Download Zen-Cart Wepay Plugin

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Update 8/29/12 – Version 2.0 available for download. Request API credentials from the Plugin Directly/Prefill customer information on the checkout/New method of tracking order for the IPN.Minor bug fixes/Resolved number format issue.
Update 6/22/12 – Version 1.5 available for download. Allows charging of tax, other minor improvements.

2 thoughts on “ZenCart WePay Plugin

  1. I’m puzzled about the payee/payer setting as well and can’t find any info on it. The first payment I received from a customer was canceled by WePay for some reason.

  2. Can’t help you on the first payment being cancelled issue. You will need to talk to WePay about that one. The payer/payee setting is for WePay to know who to charge the processing fees to. Payee = you the person receiving funds. Payer = Person paying you. So if you set it to Payee, then you will handle the processing fees.

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