Sleep the answer to peak performance

Wonder why you’re constantly sluggish, tired, and worn out.

Potentially, you’re not getting enough sleep or sleep on the same schedule.

For me personally, the more effort I pushed into getting the same sleep schedule and sleeping enough, the more I performed. The more I got done. And by and large, the better I felt.

When I don’t sleep enough, or my schedule is off, I know it right away.

I also find when I workout harder, I need more sleep. Which is tough for me but I understand the body needs it. In doing so, I run further, faster, longer. I lift more. I think more clearly. This is how life was meant to be lived.

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Winning the war with collaboration

This is sort of the flip side to my post from yesterday – The case against globalism.

Recently listened to a professor from Hillsdale College, Victor Davis Hanson.

He discusses many things but one of his key subjects is WWII and how it was won and lost. One of the points he makes is that, the US and British won because they collaborated. Germany didn’t collaborate with Japan.

This is where globalism has it’s point that makes sense. Say I make a really great laptop. It’s amazing, it’s fast but the screen isn’t the best. But in Japan they make the best one. Certainly through collaboration, one could make the best laptop.

I think for the sake of business, collaboration between companies, even competing companies is the difference between those that will win amongst those not collaborating.

My example would be say Ford and GM to compete with Tesla. That example may not be the best for many reasons, one being many auto companies work together in different partnerships. In the case of beating Tesla, Ford, GM, FCA would need to come together and make a complete electric push to beat Tesla’s technological gains at this point. That is where the collaboration would work and possibly win.

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The case against globalism

As a big fan of Henry Ford. He was never for globalism and was never for a central bank either.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”  – Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.

The case against globalism is that, eventually, someone gets pissed off. When that country gets pissed off in whatever deal they got involved in, it resorts to war.

Well when most of your goods and even food comes from another country, it’s a quick way for an entire country to starve. Not to mention to give the upper hand to the countries that can support their entire nation why exporting.

I believe the current state the US is in right now, if it doesn’t change things, if we end up in a major war, especially world war, we would have a hard time being able to provide, or even create, everything we need to keep the nation going.

The flaw in going for cheap goods, is not only shooting your neighbor in the foot when he/she looses their job, but you removed the knowledge and machines out of the country. To flip a switch and make the US a manufacturing country again, would almost be impossible in less than a year. And the US would be lucky if 1 year was enough.

Then there is food. Most of food production in the US is feed corn and soybeans which is made into many things. The problem is, those things it typically turns into aren’t the most nutritious and it can’t really be eaten out right. If it’s not turned into anything, it’s typically used as feed to animals. Which that itself is limited as well. You can only go so far with that. So if we need to scale up and produce all the other crops we need, not just in California. We need the equipment, knowledge, and people nationwide. True not all crops grow in every zone but regardless, our flaw as a country has been to trust in globalism.

Redundancy will be the key to survival to the future for all nations. As warfare will be far more extreme than in the past and reliance on key parts of the country will no longer be possible.

I don’t believe globalism will be sustained and eventually will hit a failure point. It will come back but all countries will be a little less involved then they are now.

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