This is something I think will help others so I thought I should post it. Maybe it will help someone.

I think everyone at some point feels trapped because they don’t know where they are going. They have this big goal way out there but its just mush. Here is an example, say you want to be a millionaire. But what is that?

How do you get there?

How long do you plan it to take?

Will you be happy when you get there? Or on the way there?


You see my point. The hows are a tricky thing and you have to be careful with them but they are a very important component. You can’t except all the hows to work out but you can expect to meet your goal if you just stay focused on that and keep reworking the hows as time goes on.

The analogy I used the other day for finding your path to your goal, was this…

Your goal is like you’re going somewhere on a map. Say I’m in New York, NY. I want to go to Los Angeles, CA. That is a clear defined goal. What helps is when you say, you will get there by a commercial jet. That is the how.

Now lets flip that, and do a less clear path….

You’re in New York, NY and you want to somewhere out west but you’re not sure where that is.

This is the primary example of saying, I want to be a millionaire or whatever it is, without clearly defining it and defining the how.  Goals and direction in life is like using GPS in your car. You know where you are, you know where you’re headed, and you know how you’re getting there.

In the case of the millionaire goal again, its broken down like this…

Where are you now?

How long do you want to take to get there?

What does being a millionaire mean to you?

What is the end game, become a millionaire and retire?

I think of this like, walking, running, horseback, car, jet. Each one has a component of speed but there is a time and cost factor to each one. For example, the jet would be the fastest and preferred method for most but there is a huge cost factor and in this case that cost factor might be giving up everything that matters to you in life, or extreme levels of stress, to get to your goal using the fastest method possible. Or to counter act that, to walk, it would take you a long time, significantly longer than taking a jet, but you get there. Likely not so stressed or having to give up much from life in general as your cost factor.

Every time I think about goals and direction in life, I think about it like a map. I’m here, I want to be there, how do I do it and how long will it take me? Goals without a deadline are just dreams and setting timelines with an expected outcome is about as perfect as you can get.

This is not to say, that this is full proof and you’ll always reach your goals with this methodology, although you are significantly more likely. Life happens, goals and directions change. I’m the biggest example of that. Someday I’ll dive into that. If the how changes, so what? If the goal changes, no big deal. You do you. You get what you want from life and purse your dreams. This isn’t meant to be treated as definitive but it is used to be treated how to relax and figure everything out. Something I’ve been doing for years and up until recently lost touch with this methodology.

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On The Shortness of Life

Paperback | Kindle


“It is not that we have a short life, it is that we waste a lot of it.” – Seneca. One of the best quotes from the book in my opinion. Most of this positions on things is to not let vices control you. Whatever those vices maybe. Life is meant to be lived, in doing what is important, to not only you but to others. It is important to help society in any form that best suits you. More of less this book has the ideals of live modestly, do everything you can for others, don’t let life or its vices control you, and not fear death but know that you are not promised tomorrow; Live life to it’s fullest.

Bottom line

Highly recommend reading. You’re belief and thoughts toward how to live life will be reconsidered at the very least. Great book! Live a tranquil, restoring, and resisting of faults on your unawares life.

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Paperback | Kindle

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#90days90books update

Quick update. I’m slightly behind schedule. Was hoping to make up for it today but looks like it will have to wait till next weekend. I’m only two books behind. If I get a free moment this week or if I end up on a flight (and I just might) I will knock out an extra book. Overall its going well. Has been tough to get through those books that have dull spots or are just really hard to get through.

Would I suggest anyone take on this challenge? Yes, sorta. It’s difficult but can be done. Requires a lot of time and forethought. But if you do it right it’s a lot of fun and there is no doubt, you grow a lot. I’ve only read a few books and I’ve already seen many changes in my life. I think after this challenge I will set aside at least an hour every day to read.

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