What do you want?

This is a question, I think needs to be asked a lot.

What do you want?

What do you want from life?

What matters to you?

Do you want happiness? What does that look like?


Some of the common responses to this are:


Marriage, a good one, both are happy

Success in life




And the list could go on and on….

I think its important to define it, and be specific. If you want that relationship then understanding who that person is that you want, is highly important.

For success, it’s the same. It’s defining, the what. What does that look like. How do you get there. Who are your customers, where do they come from, what do they want?

Maybe you can see a pattern. Its all about knowing. Spending time to define it. Think about it. Write it down. Discuss it. Go after it.


Don’t know what you want?

Simple, go live life. Try new things. As for business, try new marketing methods, join new business networks, talk to other businesses. It’s all about growth. Only way to grow is to reach for the stars, just like plants. You gotta go out and see what you do want and what you don’t. This kind of touches the concept of inversion. Learning what you don’t want is a key process to finding what you do want.

Overall the point of this post is to say, define what you want in life. That is 80% of the challenge. If you can’t define it, you will have a hard time reaching it. Just like sailing a ship from Europe to the US. If you don’t know how to get to the US, or you don’t have much direction, or even where your end point is, you might spend the rest of your life in the ocean.

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Time is limited. You only have so much and that is it. If today isn’t used, its wasted. Move forward or go backwards. Run backwards or run forwards, you pick (whom ever said this to me, wish I remembered your name but thank you for that one. Came from the Less Doing Labs)

I admit this will be a short post. It should be, since time is limited.

Respect every second you have on this earth because it can be pulled away from you faster than you think.

This theory of thinking, which I apparently have been doing for a long time without knowing, is highly useful in prioritizing your time. This theory is called Inversion. Its nothing new and has been around a long time. I learned more about it from James Clear, you can read that article here, and more about him here. Inversion is where you think about what would be the worse thing that could happen. For example, if I want to be successful in writing on my blog, what would be something or things that would cause me to fail at this? This would be, not prioritizing my time, not staying on track and posting everyday or close to everyday, loosing focus, etc. Or say you want to have a successful relationship, think about what you could do wrong that would cause your relationship to fail. Then when you figure these things out, you just focus on not doing those things.

I’ve been thinking this way for a long time but I haven’t used it all the time. Now on any project I do, I try to think of ways I could fail at it. Now I prevent myself from failing because I know what not to do all the time. Highly useful and certainly a time saver. Life saver if anything. Inversion is just another mental model. Mental models are basic theories on how things work and help you advance in solving a problem by relating it to that mental model. Highly recommend learning as many mental models as you can. Success in everything in life comes to those that understand those mental models and use them all the time. You really only need to know a handful of them to be able to succeed. More on mental models here from James Clear.

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Cool Stuff

Gunnar Vinyl Computer Glasses

You might be wondering how does someone stare at there computer all the time, or you yourself might suffer from eye fatigue often enough that your work is suffering.

Solution… Gunnar Computer Glasses

I do recommend seeing a doctor before purchasing them as there could be something else going on and your eye sight is highly important. Take care of it.

That being said these things are awesome! I no longer have eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, foggyness when staring at screens. I wear these pretty much the second I open my laptop. And they stay on till I’m done working for the day. Makes a world a difference and has allowed me to accomplish so much more!

I picked the model Vinyl because I like bigger frames so that the frame doesn’t get into my line of sight as I work. Which for the most part they do well. The less frame I see the better. Probably the only issue with these things is keeping them clean but then again so would any glasses.

These Gunnar glasses go with me everywhere I go, especially if I know I will be working on my computer for a long time.

Check them out here.

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