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Surface Pro

This is a quick and simple post. Figured it would be a good post for the cool stuff category. I got a Microsoft Surface Pro for really simple reasons (although mine is the Surface Pro 4, links in this post are for the lastest version).

Simple reasons

  1. Because I was going to a lot of meetings and got sick of having 20 pages of notes that were not searchable
  2. See 1. Searching notes. Finding that one thing I wanted to remember
  3. I could sit there make notes, add stuff to my calendar, handle that email quick and get back to that text, all the while present in the meeting. Never pulling my phone out.
  4. Sync notes between my laptop and the Surface Pro. I can pull up those notes I wrote last week on my laptop, search for that one thing, add more notes. Then grab my surface and take my notes with me to the next meeting where I add more notes to that same set of notes.
  5. Transcription and hand writing to text – see Cons on this one.
  6. Record meetings and have them transcribed.


  • Does everything I need it to do and does it well. Except 5. in my list above. See Cons on that one.
  • It keeps up and isn’t slow. I got the i5 128GB version.
  • Charging is quick
  • Windows Hello is nice (might be a battery drain though)
  • Made my life a 1000000x more organized
  • Makes meetings so much better
  • Way more on top of things
  • Nice to grab and work while watching TV or going some where
  • Easier to use on a plane or somewhere with little space


  • Just start right off the bat, the hand writing recognition isn’t the best. Lately it stopped working for me. Haven’t really had time to dig into that problem yet.
  • Battery life isn’t as great as I thought it would be but isn’t that the case with all tech these days?
  • Windows Hello can be hit or miss sometimes
  • The pen sometimes stops responding but that can be solved by just restarting so no big deal
  • When I leave it in sleep mode it still draws a decent amount of power (I’ve read this is because of Windows Hello, so I might disable that)

Neither Pro or Con

  • Need a Office 365 subscription to really benefit from it. You could go without but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Beyond all that I still love it and it still makes my life a breeze. I have become a lot better with notes and organization since I got it. I have less and less paper work in my life thanks to it. Even with the battery not lasting the longest it still makes it through all my meetings, I still have power left over. I can normally use it for an hour here and there through out the day and not have to charge it for a day or two. Honestly I wish I got one sooner.

Here is a link to buy one on Microsoft Surface Pro.

*Full disclosure there is a affiliate links in this post.

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Life is a crazy thing when you think about it. It changes in a heart beat. We all think we’ve had this roller coaster of a life but in reality, that’s just life. Even if you don’t think you’re life has been a roller coaster, at some point you will. One big ride, good and the bad. One minute you are having the time of your life, the next you find out someone you love has cancer. You’re deeply in love with someone, to only find out they want someone else. Life is just interesting in that way.

When you see life from this perspective you see that, there will always be light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, you will end up in another tunnel at some point, but there will always be light after that one too. And so on and so on. Life was never meant to be all rainbows and sunshine. Can’t ever appreciate the good without the bad. Never learn how to be good without some mistakes along the way.

I guess the point of this is, hope. Hope is an extremely powerful thing. Without it, we give up too soon. They say the most important and successful people in history, were only a percent or two better than their next counterpart. They strived to be 1% better, they held on to hope, and kept going, while others were happy where they were. The last thing you want to do is give up, right when your about to make it. When things will be better. So today, if someone is out there reading this, I hope you think of hope. You gotta wish, and you gotta hope. You do that and greatness will be awaiting for you. What you always wanted will be there. The light at the end of the tunnel will be far stronger and more powerful with hope.

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A place to clear the mind

the farm I love

Everyone needs place to clear their head. For me it’s the farm my grandparents own. Every time I go there, everything else doesn’t matter and the mind is at rest. I can see things with clarity. I’ve made some of the most important decisions of my life there. It seems to be easier, as if there is no pressure to decide, the decision is simple and clear when I’m there. Maybe its from the fresh air, the purest of water, or the childhood memories. I’m not sure to be honest. I’ve always said there is something very special about that place. Never could put my finger on what that is exactly.

I recommend everyone to find that one place where everything else just fades away. It will bring a level of clarity to life that we all need. Sometimes just taking the day away from normal life, to see what makes the most sense is the best thing to do. I hope to make more trips down there soon and more often. I have business to handle there as well but my focus is to get clarity in life and to spend as much time as I can with my grandfather.

This along with some of my other posts, I’ll be writing over the next couple days will be short and quick. I’m working on building this blog back up and expect to see a lot of pages that aren’t complete for a few more days.

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