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Amazon Echo

My Amazon Echo experience and review.

In five words: Pure Awesome but not perfect.

Key features I use and needed:

Where it fails a little:

  • Sometimes it just doesn’t understand exactly what I say. I would say though its about 90% accurate, rough guess.
  • Adding calendar events can be interesting. I say, add event for tomorrow at 8AM, Call Bill about invoice. And I’ll get, the right time and date, but the memo is something like Call Bill about flowers. Or something random. Normally just adding it is enough for me to remember what to do, regardless of the actual memo. Still interesting when it happens.
  • There are a few times where I will say, Alexa… and get no response. It hasn’t happened in a while. There has just been a few times, where the room is silent, I say Alexa and it just doesn’t hear me. Even being a few feet away. I’ll say Alexa a couple times and then at some point it responds.
  • Local searches aren’t perfect. Doesn’t always find the place I’m looking for.
  • The lights control sometimes doesn’t work, I just say turn this light on again and it works on the second attempt. No real big deal.

Amazon Echo is a huge time saver and I recommend it to everyone looking to have a few extra minutes in the day. I won’t say it saves me hours but I bet it saves 20-30 minutes a day. All on random things but it does save time. Makes life easier and with more integration of IFTTT, it can do a lot more. If you want to add some time to your day and convience, get a Amazon Echo. There is a new version now, the Echo Plus and then the Echo. This is the 2016 model, or generation 1 in the picture.

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