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Gunnar Vinyl Computer Glasses

You might be wondering how does someone stare at there computer all the time, or you yourself might suffer from eye fatigue often enough that your work is suffering.

Solution… Gunnar Computer Glasses

I do recommend seeing a doctor before purchasing them as there could be something else going on and your eye sight is highly important. Take care of it.

That being said these things are awesome! I no longer have eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, foggyness when staring at screens. I wear these pretty much the second I open my laptop. And they stay on till I’m done working for the day. Makes a world a difference and has allowed me to accomplish so much more!

I picked the model Vinyl because I like bigger frames so that the frame doesn’t get into my line of sight as I work. Which for the most part they do well. The less frame I see the better. Probably the only issue with these things is keeping them clean but then again so would any glasses.

These Gunnar glasses go with me everywhere I go, especially if I know I will be working on my computer for a long time.

Check them out here.

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