#90days90books update

Quick update. I’m slightly behind schedule. Was hoping to make up for it today but looks like it will have to wait till next weekend. I’m only two books behind. If I get a free moment this week or if I end up on a flight (and I just might) I will knock out an extra book. Overall its going well. Has been tough to get through those books that have dull spots or are just really hard to get through.

Would I suggest anyone take on this challenge? Yes, sorta. It’s difficult but can be done. Requires a lot of time and forethought. But if you do it right it’s a lot of fun and there is no doubt, you grow a lot. I’ve only read a few books and I’ve already seen many changes in my life. I think after this challenge I will set aside at least an hour every day to read.

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Ten Acres Enough

Ten Acres Enough By Edmund Morris 

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This book was originally written in 1864 and is written from the authors voice. He moved his family from the city to a farm after dreaming about it for 20 years. In this book he goes through city life, finding a farm, buying it, planting process, harvesting, and the numbers over a 3 year period. He find success through every year despite some minor setbacks and minor issues. Good book!

Bottom line

Read it but don’t be surprised if there is some dull chapters. I feel like the last 60 pages dragged on for a long time. Those 60 felt like 300 pages. The first cow they bought was pretty entertaining.

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