More posts and quick thoughts

Thinking about adding more categories. Not sure how it will all fit in the header, which is another thing I need to think about before doing this. Here are the 3 I’m thinking are:

  1. Tech
  2. Habits
  3. Challenges

Here are my thoughts on each:

  1.  Tech – Because I still have random stuff that I work on and posting about it online seems like a good idea to help others. This could be code, software stuff, os stuff (linux/windows/mac.) I had a lot of traffic from stuff like that in the past, so clearly I was helping others with it.
  2.  Habits – this one and the next could really be one category. I was thinking about posting of new habits I want to instill and my progress as I go along. You can see why challenges would be similar to this.
  3.  Challenges – Similar to habits, I want to post all the challenges I’m working on and it would be cool to look back on all of them all, as they progress or when completed. But many of my new habits are challenges in and of it selves.

Thinking this through a little, will decide soon. I would like to post more about bitcoin and crypto currencies as well but in time.

Also more content coming soon. I have a plan and ideas to post on, so there should be quite a bit of regular content coming online. Something I’ve been working hard on making happen.

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