#90days90books update 3

Been really difficult lately to stay on top of reading. I just had way too much to do and too many places to be. This is the week I make it all up and get caught up fast. I have a bunch of books on my desk and I’m dedicating time to just knock book after book out. The issue hasn’t been so much getting it done as much as its just having the time lately. Even when I take 5 minutes here and there to read, its been hard. But I’m working through it all and I plan to accomplish my goal no matter what.

This is the year I knock out some really exciting and difficult goals. In fact I’m working on a massive goal. Bigger than this. World record level type stuff. Should be cool, working on it yet, lots of players that need to be aligned before it happens.

Till the next update… Follow me on Twitter for my random posts of anything that comes out of my head. @apinnt

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