#90days90books final update

This will be very short. I’m happy how things went. I do wish I would’ve read more but life happens and I’m still reading anyways. I will complete the list regardless.

Logistically, this was a challenge to push my limits and it did. Fact is I don’t think I’ve read this much in such a short time, ever in my life. And I’m pretty sure no one I know has either. It was a little over reaching to think I could make it when I was working through some things in life, helping my Mom as she is going through cancer, work was needing me more, and I was working on about 5 other habits/goals/projects on top of this reading challenge. Yet I still pushed, I stayed up till 3am to finish a few books. Read every minute I had free. And I didn’t give up even when I knew I wouldn’t make it.

Goals like this I recommend to everyone. Especially a goal you probably know you will fail, because if you keep powering through even when it looks bad, it changes your entire view on life.

Go do that goal you’ve always wanted! I’m going to keep posting books as I finish them regardless of this challenge or not. I have plenty more books I want to read! Let the fun begin!

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