Who do you affect

This has been a on going thought lately.

I think about all the ripple effects in life.

Example, you never really liked basketball but your parents encourage you to join. You have some fun and it’s alright. But your coach ends up being this amazing person that from that moment on, has extremely changed your life. If it wasn’t for that coach, at that time in your life, you probably wouldn’t have become this person you are today.

In that example the coach is the ripple effect. The people this person effected changed so many lives. How powerful is that?

Example that I like to use is, Tony Robbins. If you don’t know who he is, he’s probably one of the best known motivational speakers. Who has talked to likely every major business person, sports athlete, and other highly motivated people throughout the world. Think about all the lives that guy has touched. How much he’s changed because he helped this person or that person find the path to what they wanted. Even from a money perspective, say he motivated 100 people and 1 person became a millionaire because of what Robbins said. Doesn’t that seem wild? I have zero doubts, that the motivation Robbins offers has created a lot more wealth in this world that a million dollars.

Forget the money. What about all the athletes motivated to go further and break records or win the game because of Robbins or their coach. Doesn’t that inspire you? It does for me. Why not create such a large impact in peoples lives that it causes a ripple effect and those people do great things because of your effect on them.

I know many people in my life created ripples for me. My grandfather did that for me, and so so many others. He was a coach too. He was a game changer. He was challenged more than many in life, and kept on pushing harder. Thanks to him, I strive to go further than I ever imagined I could.

Today, create impact on peoples lives.

They say just smiling to a stranger is a big change in of itself. Help your coworker go further. Be their for a friend or family member. Go further than expected in life to help others do the same. Create the ripple.

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