Death by a 1,000 cuts and how to 10x your life

These posts are randomly coming to me so we’re going to run with them. This one especially.

I like the saying “death by 1,000 cuts”, because not many things in life are failures or fell apart because of one issue. It was almost always a whole bunch of things that combined to make what we see as the failure.

Truth is, life works that way. If you keep eating poorly day in and day out, eventually it will catch up to you. If you keep making poor money decisions day in and day out, next thing you know your broke or worse in debt and you don’t know what to do.

Life without a doubt is, a continued approach to attempt to keep putting up little wins. The big wins are fewer and farther between each other. And like a death but 1,000 cuts, likely big wins are not big wins but combination of bunch of little wins that built up to this win.

Now you may ask, “how does this help me 10x my life?”

It’s really easy. Find that little win you can commit to today. Want to go to the gym everyday? Put your gym clothes out everyday. Don’t go to the gym, just put it out. Do this for a few days. Then a week or two later, put on the clothes and go for a short walk. After a week or two of that, go to the gym and do 1 exercise. Always celebrate the days you follow through with this. And don’t beat yourself up when you don’t.

You get the point. Eventually you stay on the path and next thing you know you’re going to the gym everyday. This can be done with about any habit or goal you want to conquer. It’s about making it easy.

Willpower is limited and anything that takes a lot of effort, takes willpower. This is why people fail going to the gym for their new years resolution. The willpower runs out. Remember, 20 seconds or less to follow through, and willpower won’t matter.

Henry Ford had it right, it’s all about breaking up large jobs into small ones (sorry Ford, not the exact quote.) This applies to so many things in life.

Soooooo I ask you, it’s time to find the little wins to get you where you want to go. 10x your life today, heck 100x or 1000x your life this year. Find the little wins, stop the all the cuts, and start living a life you never thought could happen.

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