Suffering is good

I’m going for a twofer post today.

Suffering is good.

Why? It causes us to be better, stronger, smarter. You name it. Growth comes from suffering.

Sure seeing someone you love suffer through sickness, disease, cancer, it’s no fun. But I have no doubt, the suffering you experienced seeing that, made you better.

You suffer when you push yourself to the limits on the field or gym. The wins and the gains (or losses depending on your goals) are worth it.

I’m a believer in Amor Fati. Which is a Latin phase (I have a thing for Latin, invictus being one of my favorite poems and Latin words) that more or less means the love of fate. This includes loving the suffering you go through in life and seeing all things as good.

Fredrich Nietzsche was a fan of Amor Fati as well. I’m going to quote Wikipedia here…
“Friedrich Nietzsche – concept of “eternal recurrence“: a sense of contentment with one’s life and an acceptance of it, such that one could live exactly the same life, in all its minute details, over and over for all eternity. ” Which I think is another layer to the acceptance of ones life and the positives and the negatives.

David Goggins (Navy seal, triathlete, ultra marathon runner, motivational speaker and author) – says suffering is “The only way that you’re ever going to get to the other side of this journey is by¬†suffering

Accept that and you’ll find you entered a new level in life. Time to level up.

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