The fallacy in doing it all

Seems in the US we all have these goals of doing everything. But the most high performing people I know, only focus on one thing. Maybe 3, tops.

The more you stretch out and try to do everything, especially in a short period of time, you are bound to be come a “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

I’ve done it myself, for years even. Now I focus on what matters most. Cut out all the other stuff. Sure it would be great to start this other business and or do 12 other things. Mastery doesn’t happen in that environment.

I like the idea of writing down everything you want to do. Then narrow it down 5 and if you really want to be a performer, narrow it down to 1-3. Forget everything else for at least a year and get after it. Only when you’re ready to give up on 1 of the items or you completely mastered it, then you can go back at the list and pick the next item.

Cut the noise. Master your life.

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