Shipping when it’s not your best

I’m a recovering perfectionist.

There I said it.

In the past I would find myself either not finishing something or working on it till no end. I did this because of perfectionism.

Problem is that created some problems in life.

The saying goes in the tech world, “if you are proud of what you shipped, you shipped too late.”

I think that can be said for many things in this world.

It’s better to build a mountain of things you shipped verses an ant hill of perfect things you shipped. Not everything will be perfect. Nothing in life is. You do your best and go from there.

I have no doubt some (or all haha) of these blog posts have spelling or grammar errors.

Oh well. I write on here, not to be perfect. I write on here not to get famous or to start writing books. I write on here to ship. No matter what happens, no matter the day, I ship.

That’s what I think we all need to find, is that one thing you can always accomplish everyday that will one day add up to a mountain that we never could’ve imagined.

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