The hypocrisy at Amazon

I was reading an article this morning, how amazon employees are signing a petition to tell Jeff Bezos that they don’t want to help assist automating oil extraction.

See article here

Now I will say I don’t know the exact writing of the petition and I don’t know everything Amazon is doing for these oil companies to assist in extraction.

What I do know is the 6,000 people that signed the petition, likely many of them drive cars everyday, use non cotton textiles, use countless plastic products, and use plenty of other things in life that require oil to be made or used.

I understand the desire to prevent or lessen the impact of global warming. But wouldn’t helping oil companies automate oil extraction, help increase their bottom line, increase efficiency and in turn create less co2 by doing so?

We don’t live in a perfect world. For the time being oil is a very vital part of human society. Especially western society. We can’t just cut the knees off the oil industry and expect it to benefit the world. All it does is make things cost more and make it that much harder to move forward.

I think the hypocrisy of the employees at Amazon don’t realize the damage they are doing by trying to block working with oil companies. They are a customer like any other and should be treated as such. They pay those employees bills.

The desire to create a climate change plan at Amazon is really a feel good thing, having less to actually create change. If they understood the economics of a business, they would understand that, all businesses don’t want to pay more for things then they have to. If we had the option to fly cargo by electric planes and it was cheaper that oil, all businesses would do it. If there was a cheaper and non oil based cargo ship available, it would be in use. If by 2050 any of those options are possible, I promise, Amazon will use them.

Setting a standard to reduce emissions is really insane for a company like Amazon. The people controlling the cost of the shipping logistics for Amazon, I’m sure they are doing everything to keep fuel costs down. The assumption there is that they are also trying to make the most efficient moves logistically so that they not only keep fuel costs down but they also keep mileage down…. or in other words keep emissions down.

I say to the employees that signed this petition, instead of signing that, go and tell Bezos you want to innovate the logistics side of the business. You want to decrease emissions and save fuel costs. Or help assist these oil companies get more done with less, decrease their emissions and improve the oil industry. That should be the strategy here.

I’m an electric car fan. I don’t have anything to do with the oil industry. I see the serious issues with the car manufactures and the relationships they have with the oil industry. That being said, I have no horse in this race and if anything I don’t want our future world to need oil to survive. But I know that in the near term, this is what we have and we can’t just stop using it tomorrow.

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