Sadness and death

I recently had a death in a family, someone I really care about. This person meant a lot to me and really affected my life in so many ways.

Unlike most, I wasn’t really sad about their death. They overcame so much, they effected so many lives, they made my life better. I didn’t see a reason to be sad because I was lucky enough to have them in my life. To spend the time I had with them. And they wanted to pass to be in heaven. They lived a very amazing and fulfilling life.

My point is for me is that, I don’t want to be mourned when I die. Sure I don’t want people to be like, “good riddance he’s gone.” I mean, oh well if that’s how they feel. I would want people to be happy because I lived a full life, I gave back as much as I could, I affected as many people as I could. Celebrate my life, do not feel bad inside because I’m gone or because we can never talk again. If I spent enough time with you, I hope our conversations are always inside you.

I understand, loosing someone such as a young child is gut wrenching and hard to bare. Even still I see it as, I got to get to know this kid or help raise this child. You can say they never got a chance to see the world or experience life. True, that may be the case. But maybe the time they had on this earth meant something. It was to teach others something, even if for only a short while.

I think life and death should be thought of and treated differently. We shouldn’t be sad when someone passes. We had them in our lives and regardless of your position on religion, life is a miracle. To have another person in your life is like having a miracle with you everyday. We take everyone for granted because we just assume they (and ourselves), will always be there.

Life is short. No matter when you leave this earth. We shouldn’t be stuck in a place of depression or sorrow. We should be thankful for the time we have and the time we have with the ones we care about. When they or we pass, know that they were a miracle and we’re so lucky to have had the time with them.

I’m going to celebrate the ones I love everyday. I’m going to remember and celebrate the ones I love that have passed everyday. I’m going to remember that I’m a miracle and so is everyone else. I’m lucky to be here and I got a lot to do before this life ends.

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