Why pain makes us better

I’ve been waking up these last two days with a pain in one of my teeth. I assumed the first day that maybe I was grinding my teeth at night, which I do a few times a year. Didn’t really think much of it.

Then today I woke up with it again. This time worse. Now I’m thinking, “oh no, I have to get this fixed.”

Maybe it’s stubbornness or maybe it is my will to fight pain, I decided I wasn’t going to do that unless I felt it was absolutely necessary.

So I fought it, I put on Orajel and moved on. Or so I thought.

An hour later I started to get a migraine and then strong eye strain in one eye. It lasted almost all day. The solution was ice. I iced the heck out of it and it became manageable. I placed an ice pack on my cheek and wrapped it around my face with some ace wrap. Chewed on ice cubes and went about my day. Sure, I looked weird but it worked.

The logic in this story is that, through all this, the pain is good. It helps me focus on what needs to get done more. Having time taken from you, without your consent, I feel is life saying you need to do things differently. Though it may not be what we want, it gives us time to reflect and make honest evaluations of ourselves.

Through pain we not only become stronger but we get a chance to see who we really are and what we really want.

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