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Thoughts on pCloud

In testing cloud storage services, I had the chance to test pCloud.

What sold me on them initially was there security measures. They are based in Sweden, and uphold many security standards that most other cloud storage companies don’t. I also liked that they give you the encryption keys and they never have access. Beyond that, they don’t have any record of being hacked.

I gave it a shot and I found the following:

  • I found it fast and easy to setup
  • It seems like it’s very intuitive
  • It doesn’t support virtual files and selective sync which are my most important needs.
  • Price is probably the lowest in the industry from what I’ve seen

All in all, it doesn’t fit my needs but maybe it does for you.

Selective sync and virtual files is what sold me on OneDrive but now I’m moving away from that as I need Linux support and I would like to have control over where my data is physically.

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