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Thoughts on OneDrive

OneDrive was my primary cloud storage for a bit and it fit my needs well. I had all Windows systems and did all my work in a Windows 10 environment.

Problem is I recently started the transition away from Windows back to linux.

Which is a major problem when I need access to files and I can’t get to them, since Linux isn’t supported by OneDrive.

Sure, I could use the web interface but I don’t need one file at a time. I need 10, 20, 100s of files at a given time and I need to be able to sync back and forth between machines. If I download everything I need on my Linux machine and then forget to reupload it back, edit on Windows, it becomes a mess fast.

OneDrive is great and getting that 1TB drive for free included with an Office 365 subscription, isn’t a bad gig. But I don’t know if I want to be apart of the future of Windows which is a subscription based model from what we are starting to see.

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