My theory on Google Maps speed traps

I wondered, why would Google, a company as large as them take a stand against speed traps? I understand other apps like Waze may have that feature and I’m sure it was widely requested. BUT… it’s for a company that has interests in working with the government, be it state or federal, this seems like a bad idea.

Then it dawned on me.

Waymo Google’s Autonomos future car.

How does that make sense?

If Google prevents people from getting speeding tickets, or at least decreases them, then the State receives less revenue that would otherwise be generated through speeding tickets. The State then will in turn attempt to recover it by trying different tactics, and likely those will be counter-acted as well. Eventually the State will decide to find another way to generate that missing revenue. Maybe go after jaywalkers more. I don’t know but speeding will be less and less of a concern as those that speed will have a tool to prevent them from getting caught.

When the State doesn’t make that revenue and goes else where, guess what happens when the autonomos car comes to the interstates of that State?

The State doesn’t care. They have no desire to slow it down from being adopted as it’s already accepted that it is no longer getting revenue from speeders. It’s one less, hurdle, if not a large one, that the autonomous car producers have to jump through. Also one less potential tax the State’s will try to place on the autonomous car producers to make up for lost revenue.

It’s a theory but if I’m right it’s pretty impressive future planning and demonstrates that corporations will outsmart the government before they catch on.

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