Writing when nothing comes to mind

On a given day, I can normally come up with about 10 topics to write about. Honestly, probably more than that.

I usually write the titles and save them as drafts for days like today.

Today I feel like I can’t come up with anything to write about. Sure I could take one of the topics I’ve saved from the past but the creative energy just isn’t there.

I could talk about how we are watching freedom die in many countries, or about the ruling of chalking tires unconstitutional, or the misuse of personal data between corporations and government. Lots of things to discuss but today, I’m just going to ramble.

The point is, some days you just need to create. Even when it’s not in you. Even if it’s just rambling and doesn’t make sense. Draw something random on a post it. It’s about producing and not worrying about the results sometimes.

Part of the reason I’m unable to really dive into a topic is because I’m too focused on a work project and I can’t really give the energy to something else right now.

Anyways, good luck today, create something, and live the life you dream of as if you already have it.

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