Where I find peace

As I sit here, knees and ankles wrapped in ice packs. The joys of running everyday, I have to ice everything to keep my joints at optimum performance.

That being said, I find peace in the little things these days. Icing my legs being one. I’m going to start doing ice baths everyday once I setup a tank outside, and honestly I can’t wait.

I was digging through a old box of stuff the other day and I found a bouncy ball, slightly smaller than a baseball. Now it sits on my desk. When I’m on hold or waiting on something, nothing better than throwing the thing around.

In the process of going through this box I found some old photos of my grandparents farm when they had cattle and I honestly felt the peace come over me. I remembered being a kid, out in a pasture in the evenings with the cattle. Or waking up to them eating the grass away. Anytime I’m around that, I just relax. I still believe it’s one of the most peaceful things in the world.

Point is, the little things are really where peace is in life. I don’t need a retreat or a vacation. Find your peace, look for those little things, and try and fit them into your schedule.

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