The compound effect is real

It is very interesting in life how much the compound effect has. The argument with having a glass of wine everyday isn’t the worst. It’s when it’s compounded over a decade, and other decisions are made because of drinking a glass of wine everyday, that the effects are shown.

That’s a random example and I honestly don’t know how bad or good it is to drink a glass of wine everyday for a decade. I use it as example to flip it. Say you eat healthly 6 days a week but not on the 7th. You do this for 1 month. Sure you may notice some results right away, but it’s only up until the 30th day that the compound effects start showing up.

I find this is true in every aspect of my life. From work, relationships, money, everything has a compound effect if you look for it. It doesn’t take much to go from having little to a lot, so long as you know and monitor the metrics of life.

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