What does the future internet look like?

I think as more and more people question the data they are giving up to corporations, we will progressively see a divergence with the internet.

To a degree we are seeing it now with encryption apps. I believe it will be a complete separation from centralized data storage to a more distributed encrypted system, were only the user has access and control of their data.

There is the hope that the advertising based business model fades away and people become more willing to spend $5 or $10 a month to have full ownership and storage of their data. Or someone offers a complete data storage system that anyone can install in their home or keep it all on one device and backup to an encrypted storage system in the cloud.

I do think we will see a revolution away from ad based models, affiliate models, and even data selling models toward a user owned model of some sort. The question is when will it be enough for users to make this change happen?

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