The sales pitch of being single

This comes from a conversation I heard at a party. It was an uncle pushing his late twenties niece into staying single.

I will preface, this uncle is a boomer and I hate to knock boomers but I this conversation comes from boomers all day long. The parents to the boomers typically don’t make this sales pitch. In fact they make the sales pitch of finding someone to be with.

The story goes, the uncle was talking to his niece and saying, “you don’t want a guy in your life. You’re better single, you don’t have to answer to no one, you can do whatever you want. You don’t want kids or a partner, they’re overrated and too much work. ” He says this as his wife is 10 feet away, his kids aren’t much further and his grand kids running around. Seems crazy to me. I suppose that is his feelings on it and he has the right to feel how he wants. At the same time I think we should try to marry in this world as it shows in plenty of studies that the more married couple there are, the more happy the general population is. But that is digressing from the point.

The point is, there is this constant push, typically from the boomer generation, and from commercial marketing to stay single and “live your life.” It seems crazy to me, more than anything, because our ancestors went through hell to live on and raise their children, and they raised their children, and then we came into this world. To say, “just stay single forever, you’re better off” is completely writing off everything done in the past for you to be here now. It’s one thing to value your life, but its also important to value those that came before you. I do think it’s imperative to carry on, to further advance the human existence by trying to pair bond.

The sales pitch is just that. I don’t buy into it and I hope others don’t as well. You have the right to live it how ever you want but don’t let my thoughts or anyone else’s decide for you. Dream your perfect life and make it happen the best way you can.

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