Most important

I think about this often.

What is most important to you?

I think about this in the sense of myself and others. I ask, what is most important to them, and it’s easier to help them get what they want from life. Same can be true to myself.

I want to do 100 things at any given time. Yet asking this question I can narrow it down pretty quickly. I like to think I can tackle 10+ major issues in any given day. Reality is, and this I believe is true for most, if I can tackle at maximum 4 major problems any given day, then I was highly productive.

The key is realizing the most important tasks and setting aside the others that would be great to get done or helpful. Seems simple but it’s easy to get caught up in things that don’t matter. This I know is true of everyone.

What works for me is keeping a tight schedule and a white post card every day with no more than 5 items that have to get done today. I do everything I can to make those 5 get done that day. Fact is though, not every day do I get all 5 done. Things get in the way, this is life. But I always get the top 3 done.

Beyond just getting stuff done, I think on the most basic level… what matters most to you in life? Once you know that, a lot of clarity comes to your life.

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