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Fedora 30 and why I use it

I will admit Fedora isn’t my daily driver, not just yet. I still use Windows on my daily driver, mostly because I need it for work but I’m not far away from letting it go. My biggest need is Office365 but I’ll be able to live without it soon.

Why is Fedora 30 so good?

Well this laptop I’m running on was running on Fedora 29 and it was okay. Between Wayland and the previous version of Gnome, there was a lot of lag and really annoying delays for no real reason. I’d login and soon as I started typing there would be lagggggggggg. Like that. I hit G once and I’d get 10 G’s. Seems like it’s been solved now.

Performance seems slightly better overall.

Battery life has improved slightly. I figure I gained about 30 minutes.

Finally, why I use Fedora. I use Fedora because I’ve been learning Linux for 18 years now I think. I’ve always been using Redhat based distros. I tried others but always found my way back to Redhat. I do use Ubuntu on some occasions for some server apps but as a desktop, it’s always been Fedora/Redhat. It just works. It is clean like a Pixel phone from Google. I know DNF and systemctl really well. It’s a OS I’ve been around so much that it seems second nature at this point. Now a days Fedora is so well put together it is nearly a production ready OS.

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