To have a phone or not, that is the question

This has been an on going thought.

I’ve decreased my usage of my phone, almost down to nothing.

The question now is, to get rid of it or to use it in the moments where it makes sense. Getting rid of it sound like a peaceful life as Steve Hilton says. Or just use it when I’m on the road for uber or maps, etc. but the other 90% of my life I spend without it. Ari Shaffir would argue I’m trying to quit smoking while having a pack of cigarettes in my pocket by doing that.

It’s something I’ll play with some more. For the most part I think I’d be better off without it. Cancel the moble plan, get a tablet and or use my phone as a wifi only device when I need it.

I think the argument for having a cellphone because it saves so much time is false. I think initially it does save time, but we as humans have the desire to learn as much as possible. By placing a device with access to the worlds knowledge and thoughts at any given time, we are bound to waste far more time then gain anything it saves. I challenge everyone to track their cellphone usage and even further track their time usage throughout the day.

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