Why journaling solves most of lifes problems.

Ever feel like, you’re writing an email or a text to someone, explaining your problem and why you can’t fix it, but after you finished writing you realize, you answered yourself?

This happens more often than not.

I know a lot of people (me included at one point), that say, I give great advice but I’m horrible at giving myself the same advice.

The solution to all this is journaling. My journal is like the Swiss Army Knife to my life. I setup a 3 ring binder and it has my daily journal, weekly review, planning, riffing, goals and timelines. I can tell you what I did yesterday and 40 days ago. I can tell you where I’ll be in 90 days. Or 1 year.

The best part is, all the issues, and thoughts start in my journal. When I can’t figure something out, I just riff it out and eventually after enough writing, I find the answer. Boom! I’ll create a solution and go HAM.

There are great journals with templates all figured out on Amazon, I would recommend checking them out on there or make your own like I did. It’s the keys to the universe for life.

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