How to get back on track

This applies for me, so take it as a grain of salt.

When your day isn’t going well, a bunch of things came up and you’re not getting what you want or needs to get done, here is the solution based on what I do.

  1. Shut off your phone (assume you don’t have a list of clients to call, if that is the case, close everything on your computer and just have your list to call)
  2. Close your door
  3. Get our a post-it note or index card and write out the 3 most important things.
  4. Don’t do anything else till the 3 things are done on that index card. If you have more than 3 things to do, you’ll remember them once you finish the first 3 and you can start from there.

This system works for me. Cut out the noise, cut everything out and just bury yourself in the tasks at hand. Like I said, it works for me, might not work for you. Modify it as needed.

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