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The death of Netflix

I believe we are about to see a major change in the streaming players. Netflix may actually take a large hit here soon, thanks to Disney. Disney is in the process of rolling out their own streaming platform.

This Forbes Site post is someone with similar thoughts as mine when it comes to Netflix and it’s future. His thought is Netflix has 175 days to make a major change or that’s it. I would agree, they have to make a major move or this is it.

By in large, Netflix is going to have a hard time competing. Disney has everything already in place. Great content, studios that produce hits, talented staff, and a massive user flowing. Not to mention all the kid content that will have parents signing up for Disney right off the bat, regardless of parents usage of Netflix or Disney+.

Should be an interesting year for the streaming world. It’s shocking to me it took Disney this long to get to market but better late then never. If Disney can pull it off, with all it’s content, not be too limiting, it will have a home run and put Netflix in a tricky spot. If they limit their content a lot, it will have a hard time gaining traction and Netflix will have more time to dominate the market.

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Getting caught up on posts

I won’t lie, I’ve been slacking on posts. I’m going to get them caught up today. I’m also going to attempt to start making my posts shorter. No longer than 10 sentences no less than 5.

We’ll see how long I adhere to that as I genuinely like to write a lot more than that.

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Change of course

So, for one, I’ve been horrible at updating this. Being honest, I think most blog owners are. Few are posting every week or even every month let alone everyday. I thought about shutting it down. I thought about just making it a place for me to post code related stuff. I thought about doing a purge again and restarting.

Here is what I decided….

  • I’m going to narrow the focus some more
  • I’m going to try and post EVERY single day – (Thanks Seth Godin)
  • I’m going to try to provide value for others but mostly I’m posting what matters to me
  • I will likely move a lot of posts into a new category of “old posts”

I think this is what it’s going to look like content wise…

  • It’s going to be about my thoughts on life, book reviews, and code.
  • Maybe on a rare occasion, about some product that I like.

I should note that after this post I’m going to update a few things right off the bat, like the resources page, as things have changed. Also, to keep in line with posting everyday, I’m going to start with my first post in this journey.

***Edit, I’ve mostly given up social media. I’m not on there anymore and I’m mostly keeping the accounts for the sake of, if I ever change my mind.***

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