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Fedora 30 and why I use it

I will admit Fedora isn’t my daily driver, not just yet. I still use Windows on my daily driver, mostly because I need it for work but I’m not far away from letting it go. My biggest need is Office365 but I’ll be able to live without it soon.

Why is Fedora 30 so good?

Well this laptop I’m running on was running on Fedora 29 and it was okay. Between Wayland and the previous version of Gnome, there was a lot of lag and really annoying delays for no real reason. I’d login and soon as I started typing there would be lagggggggggg. Like that. I hit G once and I’d get 10 G’s. Seems like it’s been solved now.

Performance seems slightly better overall.

Battery life has improved slightly. I figure I gained about 30 minutes.

Finally, why I use Fedora. I use Fedora because I’ve been learning Linux for 18 years now I think. I’ve always been using Redhat based distros. I tried others but always found my way back to Redhat. I do use Ubuntu on some occasions for some server apps but as a desktop, it’s always been Fedora/Redhat. It just works. It is clean like a Pixel phone from Google. I know DNF and systemctl really well. It’s a OS I’ve been around so much that it seems second nature at this point. Now a days Fedora is so well put together it is nearly a production ready OS.

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3 Mistakes I made installing OwnCloud 10.0.10

I’ve been using OwnCloud for a little bit now.

So far I’m quite happy with it. I use it with the experimental virtual drive which is very useful. Works very similar to how OneDrive works. Performance is good and I haven’t run into any issues yet.

That being said, if I knew how much time I’d have wrapped into it, I’d probably rethink it a bit.

Mistake #1. Using Centos

I think this would have been a lot easier if it was setup with Ubuntu. I actually started with Fedora but then found out OwnCloud doesn’t run on PHP 7.3 and rolling back to 7.0, 7.1, or 7.2 isn’t the easiest. I scrapped Fedora and went Centos. Well Centos ships with 5.4 I believe, so I added the remi repo, and installed 7.1. Somewhere along I got it messed up and pecl didn’t install right. Back to the drawing board. I deleted remi and the packages installed by it. I reinstalled php 7.1 via Webstatic repo. That worked perfectly and pecl was installed without issue.

Mistake #2. Thinking this was as simple as just installing WordPress

Just because it’s a bunch of PHP files and a SQL dump, doesn’t mean it’s the same as most other PHP apps. It’s not. I had to install it about 4 times before I got it right. The last time was because I setup user-key encryption. Which as I understand isn’t the most reliable or works the best. Which sucks because I wanted that and I thought that was half the value in OwnCloud. Encryption is in place, it just has a master key. Then it was a matter of getting the right permissions and all the right things in place for the app to be happy. Had issues with Redis working right with the app even. It was frustrating but I got it to work.

Mistake #3. Worrying it’s going to be a pain to maintain

Likely I’m biased. I work with servers all the time. That being said, maintenance hasn’t been the worst. I’m more worried what might happen when I do an upgrade. I’ll report back with that. So far, it’s been rock solid. I’ve updated packages, rebooted the server, changed some configs, locked things down more, and it’s been running great since.


I use this as a demo right now, only syncing development files and that’s it. It makes development so much easier always haven’t the files in the same place. Better than running a project manager or pushing everything to Github. Whatever device I’m on, I can just grab and go. I will report back in the future as things progress. It’s early yet and a lot can happen between now and then.

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Thoughts on Google Drive

I feel like Google Drive is the half baked idea that stuck like glue at Google.

Granted it works and it works well…. for the most part. I’ve found it slow at uploading files and even when they do upload they don’t show up right away online.

Organization wise, it feels like a mess and view ability isn’t there.

For Android users, it works and works great, especially at backing up images when using Google Photos.

But as a work or enterprise file system… I would look else where. Personal use, its works. I wish Google improved upon it more with better syncing, virtual files and directories, view ability, organization, ability to view Google Photos and gmail storage.

In the years to come, I hope they make the changes to make Google Drive a more powerful and user friendly cloud storage system.

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