Follow the sun down

There is a song I used to listen to a decent amount when I was younger. I’m glad I found it again. That song is “Follow the sun down” by Dark new day. This picture attached to this post, reminded me of this song. I took this picture during a hard time in my life. It was down in Lone Rock, Wisconsin, which is a middle of no where but one beautiful and amazing place.

The song was something that, no matter what the day brought me, I would listen to it as I drove home. Many long drives I would listen to this song as the sunset on the horizon. Something about it being so freeing. It was so peaceful. It relaxed me no matter what was going on in life. I’m listening to it now as I write this. I decided to write about it because it meant a lot to me a long time ago. It still means something to me now as I picked it up again.

I listen to the lyrics again. “Tomorrow is a maybe, it doesn’t seem so guaranteed.” Something I remind myself a lot, especially lately. “Take the highway west, try to hold on while we can” it to me is saying, don’t let this day end, travel west and stay with the sun so the night never comes and the day never ends. On some level I feel the song is about being okay with today, yet it may not be the best day, at least you had today.

The part about, “you can’t stop running, you can’t stop running now” makes me think they were talking about someone that won’t see tomorrow and so by running and not stopping, following the sun down, the prolong their day as much as they have left.

The one lyric, “I’d sure love to see you laugh”, brings up memories of someone else in my life, who I wish I could hear laugh again too. Makes me cherish the moments we did have together when we did. I still hear that laugh in my head.

Never the less for me, it means to hold on to everyday. To never let go of how beautiful life really is, regardless of what is going on. To run, to do everything possible to make every second count, make the day the most powerful, loving, meaningful day possible. To hold on to this moment, because it might be your last. For all days to be cherished.

If you’d like to get a copy of their album, click the image below:

Dark New Day – Twelve Year Silence

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I’m not going to go pull the definition of persistence. Seems like the thing a lot of people do in speeches and its just poor style.

Persistence is the difference between the ones that make it and the ones that don’t. Staying at something for years, not days at end, is the difference between success and failure. You haven’t failed till you’ve quit. Then you failed. And of course not everything is meant to be a success. There will be failures in life, as long as you learn from them though, its no longer a failure.

For me to stay on track and persistent, I find 5 things I do everyday. If I can stay on track with those 5, then everything else falls like dominoes.  What are they?

  1. Excerise
  2. Make bed
  3. Read for 20 minutes
  4. Respond to all email and social media
  5. Spend an hour on new business

If I knock out all those things everyday, then I’m good. And that’s my persistence. I’ve found that when you find those 5 things, and stay persistent with them, life and success in life, is like an avalanche. Eventually you make enough noise, the world notices, next thing you know the success in life comes pouring in.

Be happy. Be persistent. Get it done. Win.

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Biggest of all time website mistakes

This is gonna be a really quick rant.

I look at a lot of websites at 2X Conversions. I mean a lot of websites! Like upwards of 1,000 or more sites a day. In other words I see a ton of websites. They are all over the place from charity sites, tshirt stores, informational sites. I see it all pretty much.

The literal number 1 mistake I see is….



The site hasn’t been tested and the contact form no longer works.

What I’m trying to say here, no one pays attention to their site. They the site is up, look at the home page, maybe add some posts, but no one ever tests their site. No one ever checks the contact page to make sure the contact form is even working. If you are in this to make money, how do you plan on making any money if you can’t even be contacted. This is the insanity of the web. This is why companies fail, because the owners aren’t paying attention to the details. These details are highly important. Its like paying for a $500,000 TV ad and then never putting your company name on it. What are you thinking?

I think after seeing all this, its pretty obvious most people in business are doing it because they just want to say they are an entrepreneur.  A business owner. They are wantentrepreneurs. They aren’t serious in any form. This is why the successful ones are an extremely small percentage. Because the success of the business is the most important thing to them.

Alright done with this rant. For those that read this and have a website, please check your site for issues. I assume you paid someone to make it, make sure you are getting your monies worth.

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