To have a phone or not, that is the question

This has been an on going thought.

I’ve decreased my usage of my phone, almost down to nothing.

The question now is, to get rid of it or to use it in the moments where it makes sense. Getting rid of it sound like a peaceful life as Steve Hilton says. Or just use it when I’m on the road for uber or maps, etc. but the other 90% of my life I spend without it. Ari Shaffir would argue I’m trying to quit smoking while having a pack of cigarettes in my pocket by doing that.

It’s something I’ll play with some more. For the most part I think I’d be better off without it. Cancel the moble plan, get a tablet and or use my phone as a wifi only device when I need it.

I think the argument for having a cellphone because it saves so much time is false. I think initially it does save time, but we as humans have the desire to learn as much as possible. By placing a device with access to the worlds knowledge and thoughts at any given time, we are bound to waste far more time then gain anything it saves. I challenge everyone to track their cellphone usage and even further track their time usage throughout the day.

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Random callers

One of the things I don’t get about cell phones or phones in general (since the digital age), is that why should we get calls from random people we don’t know?

With cell phones at least we have a contacts list in our phone, we should be able to block anyone calling us that isn’t a contact and have them go straight to voicemail. If it’s important we can listen to the voicemail. Now, I know there are ways to do this. I know you can enable “do not disturb” in Android and I know Apple has a feature like this too. But it’s limited and kind of bulky. Too many other options. Give me one option, block only random callers at all times. There are apps too, but my overall point is that shouldn’t this have been a feature in these devices, in the software from day one?

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Cellphones – The love-hate relationship.

I’m a techie. Though I wouldn’t go around and tell everyone that. But lets admit it. Maybe I’m a closet techie…. hmm… oh well.

I’ve always had the latest Android phone for the most part. I don’t know how many HTC, and Nexus phones I had. I’ve had this phone now is alright, but I might just completely get rid of it. More on that thought in the future.

The love -hate relationship I have is what I believe most people have. This constant ringing thing, that everyone seems to think because you have a cell phone you should always answer (at least many think this), it’s the ultimate distraction, it ruins conversations and connection with people. I can go on and on.

On the positive, it can help you navigate a place you don’t know. It can help you when you need it most. There are so many good apps/tools and things that can make you more productive and live a better life. Plus let’s not forget how nice it is to have a flashlight at a moments notice! 🙂

You’d think in our society with more and more distracted drivers, that we’d ban these things. Not just driving (yes I know there are countless states that have made it illegal to drive and be on your phone.), in restaurants, at sporting events, schools, stores, and on and on. Have you ever looked around at people at a restaurant? I’d bet at least 60% are looking at their phones. It’s honestly creepy when it’s past 80%. I think to myself,

-what has this world come to?

-Is this what we all really want for ourselves?

I’m leaning more and more toward living without this device. As much as it helps me in so many ways and makes me more productive, it also makes me distracted, constantly interrupted, and not as human.

I do think 10, 20 years from now, they will say cell phones were just as bad if not as bad as cigarettes. For the distraction and addictive aspects. As much as the tech world and cell phone companies want to say it doesn’t have an effect on health, I do wonder what the long term effects of constant cell phone radiation will have on us. I get that, we get radiation all over, including from the sun but I can’t imagine that they are one in the same. Especially since it’s not like we have one cellphone and we keep it 5 feet from our bodies at all times. We have houses 10 feet with wifi routers blasting a signal, every person has a cell phone, and plenty of other wireless devices. I think in all the studies I’ve seen they don’t have long term exposure tested in a realistic environment. Mostly because there is too many variables to conclude it’s cell radiation, wifi, both, or something else altogether.

I’ll continue for now to love-hate this device but I don’t know what the future holds for me and having a cell phone.

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