Failure of todays CEOs

I understand the pressure todays CEOs are under. Especially the ones running a publicly traded company.

I don’t believe it’s an excuse though. Honestly I’d say this isn’t a call out to just the CEOs of the world but a call out to all the successful business owners and CEOs of the world.

Andrew Carnegie strived to spend the first half of his life making money. And the second half, giving it all away. I adhere to that same theory as well.

I don’t believe anyone needs to make more than 1 million a year.

Now hold the phone, I’m not saying we should tax people to death that make more than 1 million. NO. I believe this is supposed to be something you do because you care about the rest of the world. Other people. Helping the rest of the boats rise with the tide. Taxes and laws are rarely the answer. Yet we seem to think they’re always the answer.

I believe the people of the world making large amounts of money, should decide to give most of their money away. The CEO of Google makes $200 millon a year. Yet the CEO of Apple, makes something like $16 million. Now Tim Cook (Apple), isn’t a saint by making less. The point I’m making is these companies are very similar in many ways and yet one CEO makes a crap ton and the other makes peanuts by comparison. Both of these CEO’s instead should go to their boards and say, “I don’t want a dime more than 1 million. I want to take the rest of that money and increase the wages of my employees, I want to increase the wages of the lowest paid employees.”

This is another form of giving back that many CEOs should adhere to. Henry Ford did this so his employees could afford buying a Ford Model T. This is what we as a society should want. We want business owners/CEOS that are doing everything they can to help rise up society as a whole. Money isn’t always the answer either, I won’t say that it does. But I will say that we can do far more for the world by helping each other rise up.

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The case against globalism

As a big fan of Henry Ford. He was never for globalism and was never for a central bank either.

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”  – Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.

The case against globalism is that, eventually, someone gets pissed off. When that country gets pissed off in whatever deal they got involved in, it resorts to war.

Well when most of your goods and even food comes from another country, it’s a quick way for an entire country to starve. Not to mention to give the upper hand to the countries that can support their entire nation why exporting.

I believe the current state the US is in right now, if it doesn’t change things, if we end up in a major war, especially world war, we would have a hard time being able to provide, or even create, everything we need to keep the nation going.

The flaw in going for cheap goods, is not only shooting your neighbor in the foot when he/she looses their job, but you removed the knowledge and machines out of the country. To flip a switch and make the US a manufacturing country again, would almost be impossible in less than a year. And the US would be lucky if 1 year was enough.

Then there is food. Most of food production in the US is feed corn and soybeans which is made into many things. The problem is, those things it typically turns into aren’t the most nutritious and it can’t really be eaten out right. If it’s not turned into anything, it’s typically used as feed to animals. Which that itself is limited as well. You can only go so far with that. So if we need to scale up and produce all the other crops we need, not just in California. We need the equipment, knowledge, and people nationwide. True not all crops grow in every zone but regardless, our flaw as a country has been to trust in globalism.

Redundancy will be the key to survival to the future for all nations. As warfare will be far more extreme than in the past and reliance on key parts of the country will no longer be possible.

I don’t believe globalism will be sustained and eventually will hit a failure point. It will come back but all countries will be a little less involved then they are now.

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